Posted by: Saubhik | August 29, 2010

Install/Enable System Restore on Windows server 2003…..

System Restore’s purpose is to return your system to a workable state without requiring a complete reinstallation and without compromising your data files. The utility runs in the background and automatically creates a restore point when a trigger event occurs. Trigger events include application installations, AutoUpdate installations, Microsoft Backup Utility recoveries, unsigned- driver installations, and manual creations of restore points. The utility also creates restore points once a day by default.Currently system restore available in Windows XP/Vista this tutorial will show you how to install/enable system restore on windows server 2003.

Take a complete backup of your registry before doing any changes

In this procedure you need to Download from HERE

1> Extract the rar file into a folder, in this you will see two files – AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and sr.inf

2> Double click on AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and click on Yes when prompted.

3> Insert your Windows XP CD and Right click on sr.inf and select Install.

4> Point to the /i386 directory on the CD if prompted.

5> Reboot your win server 2003 that’s it now you are ready for your new win server 2003 feature

6> System restore screen


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